Miscellaneous Services:

Essential Oils:

Here'e the link to my Essential Oils website: http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/shereelmurphy/

These oils are amazing. I use a wide variety of oils. For someone who has a lot of drug allergies these products really work and I don't have any side effects from them. Of Couse always check the fact sheets and consult your doctor if you have current health issues before starting any new products. There is a line skin care, vitamins and supplements also available.

Sign up as a Preferred Customer and get up to 20% off of your orders. Sign up as a Sales Consultant and get 25% off your purchases. Items ship directly to you. There is also a Loyalty Rewards Program available for the items that you purchase for yourself.

Contact me and I will be happy to explain anything to you: slm_shininglight@yahoo.com

Another Helpful Link that explain the products, gives suggestions for conditions etc is: http://www.everythingessential.me/

Freelance Writing and Business Servces:

I have over 20 years of Office and Accounting Experience. I can do Writing, Editing, Word Processing, Resumes or Accounting Services. I am in the process of learning QuickBooks and PowerPoint.

Do you need a paper, proposal or manuscript reviewed and edited? I can do that for you.

Do you need a Resume that will help you find a job in a tough employment market? I can help you with that.

Do you have a Word Document or a Spreadsheet that needs updating or a new layout? I can help you.

Don't have time to send out Thank You notes, Birthday Cards Etc? I can help with that also.

Pretty much anything you may needed edited, sorted, compiled etc I can do whether it be for your business or personal use.

Prices are quoted by the Job and not by the hour. Give me an accurate description of what you need done and I will give you a written quote.

Contact Me at slm_shininglight@yahoo.com.
Follow me on FaithWriters. Here is a link to a short story I submitted recently.

My preferred payment method would be PayPal but other arrangements can be made.  Depending upon the job, a deposit maybe required. The deposit will be applied toward the total job price.

Thanks for visiting my Website.

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