Jewelry Repair
I also do costume jewelry repair.

Do you have a favorite necklace that needs a new clasp?

Or would it be easier to wear your favorite beaded bracelet if you didn't have to fumble with the clasp? I can re-string it on strong stretchy cord to make it easy to put it on and off. Or it can be strung on tiger tail wire with a strong magnetic clasp.

Let me know what you need to have fixed and I can give you a written estimate. Repair time will depend on whether I need to order parts etc.

Visit My Etsy Shop for wondeful Gift Ideas. Or Bless yourself with a new
Item for your own Collection. There are many items to choose from.

There will also be practical items available such as Key Chains, Book Marks, Replaceable Bracelet or Watch Bands, Lanyards etc. 

Make a purchase from the Cancer Awareness Jewelry Section and 25% of the purchase price will be donated to the Amercian Cancer Society in honor of friends and family who have been taken by this disease.

Check back often. New items are added weekly. Sales promotions and coupons will also be offered.


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